How to choose the right VPN plan

Wirelayer has got a range of VPN subscription plans to choose from. Each plan includes the same servers that you can connect to, that is the servers we have in Austria, Canada, France, Iceland, Isle of Man, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, the UK, and other countries. Each plan also features two connection protocols – the standard 40-bit PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol), the support of which is embedded by default in most operating systems and most mobile devices without further installation, and the 1024-bit OpenVPN, which requires additional, but quick and easy, software installation. Also, all of the plans have the same connection speeds, which are only limited by the uplink of the respective servers, which ranges from 100 Mb/s to 1000 Mb/s. Most of our servers currently have a 100 Mb/s channel. The only difference between the plans is the amount of monthly traffic included in the subscription.

Let’s review the plans currently available at Wirelayer:

  1. The Light plan. Includes 50 GB of traffic, which is suitable for many needs. With this much traffic to spare, you can safely surf the Web, send and receive your email, download software, music, and even movies from time to time, as well as watch online videos, such as YouTube. This plan should be enough to download 10 high-definition movies, 10240 music files, or 25600 digital photos.
  2. The Standard plan. Comes with 100 GB of traffic. With this much traffic, you can do all the same things I listed for the Light plan, but you will of course be less limited with your downloads. This is what we recommend. It’s just a tiny bit more expensive than the Light plan, yet it includes traffic twice as much. This plan should be enough for downloading 20 high-definition movies, 20480 music files, or 51200 digital photos.
  3. The Expanded plan. Comes with 250 GB traffic per month, which is probably enough for most things an active Internet user would do. Besides everything that has been enumerated above, you can perhaps download many more movies, much more music, and actively use BitTorrent. This much traffic will usually be sufficient for downloading 45 high-definition movies, 51200 music files, or 128000 digital photos.
  4. The Advanced plan. This plan is incredibly vast because the 500 GB of available traffic makes it sufficient for someone who not only downloads and watches movies and shares large files on a regular basis, or frequently plays online games, but also for someone who runs a small BitTorrent server on their network, for example. It is no wonder that you will most likely be able to download, say, 90 high-definition movies, 102400 music files, or 256000 digital photos. Gross!
  5. And, finally, the Power plan, which includes 1000 GB of traffic per month. I cannot comment, but your imagination is the limit to how it is possible to use up this much traffic per month. Just for the sake of giving you an idea, you would be able to download 180 high-definition movies, 204800 music files, or 512000 digital photos every month. Now do you really need this much data!

Anyhow, whatever plan you would choose to try, you can always upgrade later on. You can also always buy some more traffic, should you run out of it accidentally.

Privacy Policy

GENERAL PURPOSE (called “the Website” hereafter), the companies that own it (Digital Unity Ltd. of Canada and DU Digital Unity Ltd. of Cyprus) is a service whose purpose is to protect the internet connections, the data flows (especially in open Wi-Fi networks), and the right to privacy of its Subscribers. Another purpose is to make certain web services accessible to Subscribers located in those jurisdictions where such services are banned from public access by the respective jurisdictions. We, the creators of this service, have therefore designed it to fulfill this very purpose as much as possible, using the best technology available today.


The Website supports various payment methods, such as credit cards, PayPal, WebMoney, c-gold, and Bitcoin. Depending on the payment method the Subscriber uses, certain information may or may not be required to be collected for the purpose of payment processing and validation.

Information collected by the Website

The information that we do require from all of our Subscribers is their email address. For those Subscribers who wish to pay by credit card or PayPal, it will also be necessary to provide their first and last names, country, state/province, city, address, and postal code. This information is only used for payment processing purposes, and is not shared with any third parties.

Information recoded by the Website

The Website records all IP addresses and general client data of its visitors, like any, or almost any, other Internet website does, for the general purpose of website security and validation of requests.

Information recoded by third parties

Some information is recorded by third parties, such as Google Analytics, for the purpose of analysis and categorization of the incoming traffic for advertising and awareness needs. The information collected by such services only includes basic client data, such as the operating system and the web browser used by the visitor.


Some information is not recorded for the very purpose of security and data protection of the Subscriber. This information is Internet activity logs – that is, any information about the websites or traffic between the websites visited while connected to any one of our VPN servers are not recorded.

Important notice: While the purpose of our service is protection of privacy and security of our customers, we are strictly against any unlawful activity, which may be committed using the Internet. Therefore, if a prospective customer has any intent of using our services for concealing commitment of illegal activities, we strongly discourage such a person from registering an account with us. If it comes to our attention that something illegal is being done by one of our customers, an investigation may possibly reveal what person is committing that kind of activity.


Last revised March 24, 2014